Lez review the initial
“The L Keyword.”
Bear in mind whenever
Alice Pieszecki
virtually cheated on Tasha in period 5 with Clea, that visitor on “the style?” After resisting the woman destination, Alice tells

“each of us just leave our
relationships blow up
in the very first small temptation. No one deals with their particular relationships anymore. Everyone’s aside for immediate satisfaction, and I also don’t want to resemble that.”

Oh, Alice, you will be thus correct.

Jenny cheats on Tim with Marina.

Cherie cheats on Steve with Shane.

Bette cheats on Tina with Candace.

Dana cheats on Tonya with Alice.

Tonya cheats on Dana with Melissa.

Tina cheats on Helena with Bette.

Shane cheats on Carmen with Cherie.

Jenny cheats on maximum with Claude.

Phyllis cheats on Leonard with Alice.

Shane cheats on Paige with an agent.

Cindi cheats on Dawn with Shane.

Bette cheats on Jodi with Tina.

Niki cheats on Jenny with Greg.

Felicity cheats on her husband with Bette.

Lena cheats on Tess with Shane.

Sophie cheats on Dani with Finley.

It looks like absolutely nothing a lot has evolved in the fidelity section from the series finale about ten years ago toward show finale monthly ago. These females have no a fantastic track record. (But hey, neither carry out the men. Checking out you maximum, Angus, Benjamin Bradshaw, and Gabriel McCutcheon.)

Keep in mind when Jenny made an effort to seduce Stacy Merkin’s sweetheart and also the gf “only” tends to make away together shirtless only in their accommodation versus sex? She actually is considered a “saint.” What about when Sophie cheats on Dani with Finley

right before their particular supposed marriage?

Standards, women. Wow.

Every person defines cheating in different ways. Some would forgive Tina’s online-only tryst with DaddyOf2; other individuals wouldn’t. (Of course, on “The L term,” the instant messaging is named “f*cking him” by Bette, because there are a lot more F bombs with this tv show than in a bunker.) Tasha states “thinking is cheating,” and, sadly, by her very own meaning, she turns out to be a cheater as well (Jaime). Some instances are completely clear-cut; no-one would claim that Lena’s hook-up with Shane was not cheating.

When this tv show had been your own only representation of queer women, might assume we cannot ensure that is stays in our pants. Thus, in real world, are we able to?

In British relationship firm java & Company’s


of 3,000 people in Britain, 25 % of women — compared to 9 per cent of men — mentioned they’d surely cheat as long as they fell for somebody outside their particular relationship. But another U.S.


in the “Archives of Sexual Behavior” shared 23 percent of straight males had cheated within recent relationship, versus 19 percent of straight females, so it is ambiguous if women or men cheat even more to start off with. Regardless, it looks like there’s enough it going on!

A U.S. study

printed in

Group Process

last year revealed lesbians to own

most affordable

cheating rates of any individual: 8 percent for lesbians, ten percent for right men, 14 per cent for right women, and 59 per cent for homosexual guys. I find this pretty amazing, particularly because of the reputation directly men have.

If lesbians truly experience the cheapest infidelity price, after that “The L keyword” is simply stirring up drama. I happened to be curious about what actual queer ladies was required to say about it, thus I posted in a

Twitter team

aimed at “The L Word: Generation Q.” Initially, dozens were wanting to jump in with remarks how unfaithful “The L Word” ladies are, increasing record towards the top of this particular article. But once we used up inquiring

exactly why

this was, singular person ended up being happy to speak about perhaps the program reflects the way we come into actual life. Marlena, a 52-year-old lesbian from Maryland, stated she does not imagine lesbians cheat more than anybody else, but the belief is merely a stereotype. In terms of the show, Marlena claims, “i believe that ‘The L term’ has been doing the task of enjoyable people, while revealing the flaws in humankind we all have actually. I do not believe ‘The L term’ accounts for bad photos more than ‘Breaking negative’ is for promoting an image of an instructor selling medications.”

Just how really does cheating in fact impact a relationship?

A 2016 examination

of over 63,000 people published into the “Archives of Sexual Behavior” viewed who would be more disappointed over sexual infidelity compared to emotional cheating (dropping deeply in love with some other person yet not literally acting on it). Lesbians and bisexual women reported they would be similarly distressed over either type. (for just what it really is well worth, directly guys cared about physical and direct females the opposite.) I’ve never ever really already been duped on (that I’m sure of) or cheated (by my personal meaning),


Used to do fall for my personal now-wife within the last few few days for the connection I happened to be in. I left that woman before We acted on such a thing with my now-wife, but that ex-girlfriend was naturally disappointed. Personally I think like i did so the best thing by maybe not acting on it whilst in another commitment — it’s not possible to really help how you feel — but I am able to confess, if my wife fell in love with someone else and left me personally, it wouldn’t be a lot consolation to learn that they had gender your day as we divorced as opposed to the day prior to.

In a number of interactions, becoming attracted to someone while in a connection with another is not a problem. Polyamorous individuals know these particular attractions tend to be all-natural and have now available interactions. Why don’t we be clear: Polyamory is

maybe not

cheating. Cheating is going outside the agreements with your partner(s), and when the arrangement states resting together with other people is fine, then it’s great. (My commitment ended up being defined as monogamous, so starting up using my now-wife while with my then-girlfriend


have now been dirty.) While Im myself monogamous in my own direction, i believe polyamorous people have a delightful way to reduce the example of cheating in relationships when you are initial exactly how do not end having tourist attractions even though we’re partnered. Giving both permission to do something to them in obviously identified limits is a sure way some one predisposed to cheating could preempt any hurt potentially triggered by connecting with some other person.

Simply take Alice Pieszecki including once more. I was thinking for sure she or Nat would hack with Gigi, but instead of blowing within the commitment over an attraction, they made it operate. That threesome in the rear of Dana’s was the hottest scene of ”

Generation Q!”

Poly connections need a ton of communication, and also the throuple failed to lie down what they happened to be confident with, ultimately causing the blow-up whenever Nat and Gigi had intercourse with one another without Alice. It doesn’t need to go down such as that (pun intended).

Many lesbians go for about since forgiving as Alice:

One 2015 appearance

at lesbian relationships indicated that when there seemed to be cheating, 80 per cent of partners separated. So frequently,

the partnership already has actually problems if the cheating happens

, so that they may have been headed towards break-up anyway. I found myself certainly ready to split up with this ex well before I fell in love with my spouse, which other person had been just the motivation to ultimately keep.

It does not appear that infidelity is really more frequent in connections between two women IRL, exactly what can we carry out about it whenever it really does arise? Separating is certainly one option — like exactly how Tess remaining Lena — or concentrating on it — like greater and Tina getting back together after the Candace affair — is an additional. Absolutely the preventive measure of opening the partnership like Alice tried. Do not require is actually “right,” since every situation and union is different, but no-one should let it rest unacknowledged.

Exactly like Alice must do in season among the original “The L Word” by losing Gabby Deveaux, making a cheater could be an affirmation of self-worth. Marlena in Maryland believes. “should you decide give the sexual fuel to somebody else, you will want to get end up being together. Release me personally so I can do exactly the same.”

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