Locally Owned Spanish Immersion For Children

Fomentemos el enriquecimiento del español de nuestros hijos y preservemos nuestra cultura con vigor

Cognitive Benefits

 Studies show that children who study a second language early in life go on to show:

* Enhanced performance on basic skills tests in elementary school

* Enhanced problem solving skills

*Higher SAT scores later in both math and English

* Improved overall communications skills

*More creativity

* Enhanced memory skills

*Better critical thinking

*More developed multi-tasking skills


Social Benefits

Children who study a second language early in life go on to show:

* Enhanced cultural awareness and sensitivity

*Enlarged world view

*Confidence in new surroundings

*Easier and better fluency than learning later in life

*Although counter-intuitive, learning a second language does not inhibit the learning of English – it improves it!.

Mantener La Herencia, El Idioma Y La Cultura

En una sociedad cada vez más diversa, es esencial que los hogares de habla hispana preserven y celebren su rica identidad cultural y el idioma español. Esta diversidad cultural es un valioso tesoro que enriquece nuestra sociedad. EasySpanish123 te ofrece apoyo y recursos adicionales si tu niño necesita una formación más estructurada para fortalecer su vínculo con su herencia cultural y su lengua materna.


Welcome to EasySpanish123!

Learning a second language for a child is as natural and easy as learning to laugh!  EasySpanish123 welcomes our students on a wonderful journey of exploration  – in Spanish!  Small classes, experienced personnel, carefully selected learning materials, and enthusiasm work miracles every time.  Staff are very experienced, degreed, native-speakers.  

  • Small classes and attentive teachers allow the children to interact with ease.
  • Safe, quiet, secure, comfortable setting allows the children to focus on the joy of learning
  • Five Programs: Saturday Morning Spanish Enrichment, Weekday Spanish Enrichment, After School Care, “Mommy and me” (for toddlers with parent/care-giver attendance), and Summer Camp.
  • Reasonable pricing and a quality experience
  • Locally woman-owned and operated – a customized experience and not a national chain
  • Classes located in the beautiful St. Columba’s Episcopal Church off of Wisconsin Avenue near the Tenleytown-AU Metro Station in DC (we are not affiliated with or endorsed by the Church)


Saturday Morning Spanish Enrichment

Our flagship program offering Spanish immersion for children 5-12 at all levels of competence. Our Enrichment Curriculum is unparalleled.  Each Saturday is different, allowing the child to progress with didactic methods that include song, art, and touching upon fun topics like cooking, geography, cultures, and dance.

After School

At EasySpanish123 we believe that a child’s time in Aftercare should be both fulfilling and fun. Our specially trained staff take students on an interactive journey of daily themed activities all while exposing them to the Spanish language and Culture.

Spanish Enrichment

Spanish Enrichment Classes take place on weekdays, after school.

EasySpanish123 offers an exciting enrichment program where your 5-12 year old child will learn the Spanish Language through fun, exciting, hands-on material and engaging activities.  Our tailored, unique curriculum makes the sessions a joy. 

  • Oral language development
  • Building vocabulary & phonics
  • Reading comprehension and fluency
  • Writing
  • Arts &crafts

Mommy and Me!

Saturday morning sessions in Spanish for toddlers and their parents or caregivers who meet together once a week to explore the language through songs, puppets, story time, movement and imaginative play. This is a perfect supplement for play groups.

Winter and Spring Mini-Camps

One-week sessions for preschoolers that coincide with school holiday weeks.  The wonderful activities at these minicamps vary from day to day and include singing, alphabet, arts, dramatic play, early science and math. 

Summer Camp! Saturday Mornings

Each morning is a wonderful, unique, exciting theme. All in Spanish. This fills up early.

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