Confident, experienced, and attentive teachers

From the moment your child steps into the room, they will immediately feel welcome and safe.  Their little eyes will open and a broad smile will appear each and every time they hear and speak in a wonderful new language.  None of this is by accident.  EasySpanish123 was founded by a teacher whose experience level exceeds most other resources.

  • Native Spanish-Speaking staff
  • All have Masters or Bachelor degrees (some have multiple, some bestowed in their home country)
  • All have extensive experience teaching in the Washington, D.C. area (some in public schools, all in private schools)
  • The small classes afford an intimate and focused setting that allows for personalized attention.

You are welcome to observe a class or to have your child attend a class.  Neither of you will be disappointed. Spanish is as easy as 123!

Why choose us

High Quality Education

Our youngsters in an environment that involves back-and-forth discussions, with everything a child could want to enjoy learning. From crafts to songs to dance to skits, we do it all. 
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The children don’t even know they are learning Spanish.  They are just learning a slightly different way to communicate and they thrive in the setting.

Qualified Teachers

Years of experience in early child education and teaching has allowed our staff to come up with a customized curriculum that focuses on careful, balanced interaction with children.
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Our classes are small and the children have a wonderful time. At the same time, their wonderful minds develop with valuable skills and attributes that transcend learning a second language.

Cute Enviroment

Experience has shown us that young children absorb more in a smaller classroom setting.  The teacher (who may have an aide) works one-on-one with each child
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and the group activities form a wonderful learning environment that will have your children looking forward to Saturdays.

Our Vision and Mission

Each child has a unique character and all are suited towards learning Spanish in a nurturing environment with capable, patient,
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and experienced teachers in a secure and focused setting.  Above all, learning Spanish is easy and fun and develops skills that will enrich the child’s life forever.

Meet our team

Rosario Allauca Castillo


Rosario, our Director, is also a lead teacher with more than a decade of experience with younger children. She has a Masters in Higher Education from her home country of Peru and a Masters degree in the USA. For years she has taught kindergarten and Spanish language immersion and has taught and supervised student teachers. Her calm but focused approach to working with young children endears her to the children, parents and staff whom she supervises.

Adriana Mendoza


Since the 9th grade, Adriana Mendoza had dreamed of becoming a teacher and is so happy to be on staff.  Hailing from Peru, she arrived in the USA for primary school. She appreciated the support and impact that her teachers had as she adjusted to her new environment and that is what motivated her to become a teacher.  She takes the intellectual development of every student very seriously. Before she received her Master’s degree in Education, she did much volunteer work in tutoring in many different levels of math, ranging from Pre-Algebra to Calculus, and Spanish, ranging from Spanish 1 to AP Spanish.

She adds, “I love working as a teacher, not just because of the knowledge that I get to pass down to my students, but also because of what the students get to teach me. I have gained new styles of approaching problems from the creative ways that students have brought into the classroom. I look forward to seeing how much all of us, the students and I, will learn from each other.

Elsa Mamani


Elsa has a true love for teaching. She brings many years of experience to her role at EasySpanish123. Elsa attended school in Santa Cruz in Bolivia and obtained her bachelor’s  degree in mathematics. After graduation, Elsa  went on to teach math to children and teens from ages 3 to 19. Elsa found her passion in teaching elementary age students and expanded on her experience and training here in the United States. Elsa believes that learning a second language such as Spanish has many benefits when living in a multicultural country such as the United States. She consistently strives to create a fun environment to promote learning and uses her patience and dedication to ensure that each of her students is able to excel. In addition to furthering her teaching development, Elsa enjoys traveling, sightseeing, reading, and hiking.

Elsa understands that the key to learning a language is practice and repetition and she prides herself in providing our students the platform that they need to achieve that objective.

Martha I. Arreola


I am a Native Spanish speaker who grew up in beautiful Mexico. I have a Bachelors in Arts in Communication and I have 6 years of diverse experience working with children and teenagers of many different ages and backgrounds, both in Mexico and the United States. I love participating in environments where a sense of community may be built through multilingualism and I am passionate about conveying the transformative power and beauty of language. Creative writing, watching movies and series, hiking and dancing, are some of my favorite things to do, besides teaching Spanish to wonderful children, of course.

Yaira A Abuhatab

Lead Teacher and Enrichment Coordinator – Afterschool Programs

Yaira, our Enrichment Coordinator and a Lead Teacher hails from Columbia and her love
and enthusiasm is clearly apparent. With a Masters in Biological Sciences and an
accomplished biologist, she has spent years tutoring children to reinforce mathematics,
science, and Spanish skills.
Her passion for teaching is to be able to connect with children and make sure they absorb
the information and the passion that Yaira has to offer. She is confident and experience
has shown that her dedication, patience, and love for children fives her the ability to
create strategies that allow them to acquire necessary skills.
She also appreciates the importance of acquiring a second language for the future of
children in such a diversified and multilingual country. Her dream is that the
EasySpanish123 students lucky enough to be assigned to her obtain a good understanding
of the Spanish language and use it to their full advantage in their rich and full daily life as
well as in the future.

Arnolia Estupiñan


Arnolia Estupiñan is happy to have joined Easyspanish to contribute her knowledge in
pedagogy and methodological processes. Her rich and engaging Colombian accest lets us
know her proud heritage. Wth more experience than most, she has 14 years of teaching
experience with 2 to 15 year-olds. Since her relocation to the United States,she has worked
in different school programs in both teaching and tutoring settings. She also worked in
daycare centers with children from 3 to 5 years old and has solid experience in pedagogy,
specifically with people with cognitive and moderate disabilities. For Arnolia, education is
the process of facilitating learning or the acquisition of knowledge, as well as the conduit
for acquiring skills, values, beliefs and habits.
Arnolia is a very cheerful, creative woman, and adored by her students. She is always
looking for ways to obtain more knowledge to add to her formal education. He has a degree
in Council for Professional Recognition (CDA) completed in the United States, another
degree in Social Work at the Universidad Unicatólica Lumen Gentium in Colombia, and
developed a seminar on Deepening Knowledge from the South, called: “Critical Approach
and Social Practices – A commitment to the decolonization of scientific knowledge”.
Arnolia is a woman passionate about culture and dance, and participates with enthusiasm
in educational events for the local community and is happy sharing with others.

Yania Jones

Lead teacher and Pedagogical Coordinator

Yania Jones, from Columbia, is one of our most experienced educators.
She graduated from the University of San Buenaventura in 2002 with a
degree in Public Accounting and holds the equivalent of a C.P.A. in
Columbiay. After graduating, I went on to obtain her Master’s in
Education from the Universidad Autónoma Latinoamericana in 2009.
And that launched her teaching career, starting in elementary and
middle school students for a few years and then in colleges.
2023 marks her 19th year in teaching!
She came to live in the United States in 2017 and obtained her
Certification in Bilingual Education from Mundo Verde Institute (USA) in
She discovered EasySpanish123 in her 5th year in the States and was
particulary appreciative that we valued her my credentials in education
and shared her methodologies and knowledge to teach children within a
strict framework, led by instructions in Spanish from a native speaker.
We, of course, are so happy she is with us.

Location of classes

Our classes are given on Saturday mornings in the beautiful St. Columba’s Episcopal Church* at 4201 Albemarle St NW, one block west of Wisconsin Ave. and just north of the intersection of Wisconsin and Nebraska Aves. (Tenley Circle). 

Metro: Take the Red Line to the Tenleytown/AU station. Use the west exit, and head south on Wisconsin Avenue. Turn right onto Albemarle Street and walk one block to the church. Walk past the church and enter through the wooden gate and walk past the building, into the center courtyard.  Follow the signs.

Parking: Street parking is easy to find on Saturday mornings. There is a small church parking lot located on Butterworth Place, which may have space available.

*EasySpanish123 is not affiliated with or endorsed by St. Columba’s Episcopal Church

Entrance to the school