Features of Our Enrichment


Creative Curriculum

EasySpanish123 uses a creative curriculum that is organized around thematic units to provide a dynamic, participatory, and meaningful hands-on and memorable experience. 

Language Immersion

Children are exposed to the Spanish language as a medium through games, interactive songs, stories, and other wonderful interaction so that they learn Spanish in a natural and comfortable manner. 

Music and Art

Music and art are very important to the EasySpanish123 experience. Children sign songs, plan instruments, do handicrafts, and participate in presentations to the parents.

Reading and Writing

With guidance and support from experienced, patient, and caring teachers, children read and write words, phrases, and stories according to their level.  The program follows research that demonstrates that children learn more effectively by actively doing, with age-appropriate materials that address all styles of learning.

Science and Math

Science and math are used at age-appropriate levels to make sense of problems and persevere in solving them. For example, one session may involve the planets, other sessions may involve animals or numbers, fractions, or other math vocabulary.

Dance and Exercise

Dance and exercise will explore movement inspired by a variety of stimuli of music, sound, text, object images, observed dance, and experiences.

Fun and Frolic

Did we mention that there is a heavy dosage of fun, laughter, and cheer?

Outdoor Activities

There is a wonderful, enclosed, outdoor space for exploration and recess.